** Please note all products available are for personal use only. Prints and digital files may be used on social media for personal use. To publish an image or to use an image for commercial purposes, please contact me to discuss. The copyright of the images remains with Jasmine Punter Photography. **


These are professionally printed on a dye-sub printed at the highest quality, guaranteed to last a lifetime. 9x6 & 12x8 prints are provided in black strut mounts, 18x12 prints are unmounted. 

9" x 6"                                                                £15.00 each

12" x 8"                                                              £20.00 each

18" x 12"                                                            £35.00 each

Three 6x9 Print Offer                                        £38.00

Five 6x9 Print Offer                                           £55.00

Three 12x8 Print Offer                                       £50.00

Five 12x8 Print Offer                                         £75.00

Digital Files (emailed as Jpeg)

High Res File                                                    £24.00 each

This is the full resolution file so can be blown up to any size.

Medium Res File                                              £12.00 each

Medium Resolution files (2000 x 1333 pixels, normally around 1MB in size) are ideal for printing up to 9x6.

Low Res File                                                    £8.00 each

Low Resolution files (1024 x 682 pixels, normally around 300KB in size) are for social media use and are not suitable for printing. These are not watermarked. 


Montages/Collages (blended or collage format)

These are available either blended or in collage format (please see 'Montages' page for examples). Writing can be added to these free of charge. To order, please select the option on the first photo you like then add the other images to the Montage/Collage 'package', then checkout through the website. A proof will then be emailed to you for approval or any changes. Or please email me with links to the photos you'd like in your montage, any writing you'd like and I will send back the proof.

12" x 8" Collage (mounted)                                        £45.00

18" x 12" Collage (unmounted)                                  £60.00

12" x 8" Blended Montage (mounted)                       £50.00

18" x 12" Blended Montage (unmounted)                  £65.00



Digital Files; We email these out as quickly as possible - please allow up to 24 hours. We try to email them out during shows if we have Wifi but if not, they make take a little longer. These are emailed out to the email address you provide at checkout so please double check it, and if the images haven't come through within 24 hours, please check your Junk/Spam box.

Instant Downloads; These will go to your email immediately following successful payment. There will be a link to 'Downloads' in your confirmation email and can then be downloaded to your computer, phone or tablet. 

Prints; These are posted out 1st class. We try to get your order to you within 3 working days at the latest, however, if we are away at shows/over the weekend, it may take a little longer. 

If you have any requests for Delivery times, please do get in touch and we will work to suit your deadline/requirements. 

How to Order

  1. Go to Event Photos and select the event and photo
  2. Above the photo is a 'Buy' option. It will drop down and you choose 'Select Product'.
  3. Choose what size or resolution you'd like the photo in and the quantity then 'Add to cart'.
  4. In the top right hand corner you can view your shopping cart and then checkout. 

You can also order 'Print Packages' (ie. 3 9x6 prints for £38.00) The easiest way to do this is by doing the following steps:

  1. Go through your photos and click 'Add to Favourites' on the ones you'd like to buy. (Three or Five for the 9x6 offers).
  2. Once you've gone through all of your photos, click 'View Selection'.
  3. You can either select each photo and click 'Buy' then select the size/resolution you'd like to purchase. 
  4. Or click 'Buy All' and here you can select the appropriate 'Package' to get a discount on prints!



If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact me.