These are available in either blended or collage format (please see slideshows below). Writing can be added free of charge.

We recommend 3 - 6 photos. For the blended montages, 5 images works best (4 landscape, 1 portrait). For collages, anything between 3 and 6 works and we can work with a mixture of landscape and portrait images. 

Please contact me to discuss ordering a montage. Please include Competition/Date, the photos you'd like included, Text, and any preference to layout.

12" x 8" Collage (mounted)                                  £45.00

18"x 12" Collage (unmounted)                              £60.00 

12" x 8" Blended Montage (mounted)                   £50.00

18" x 12" Blended Montage (unmounted)              £65.00

Blended Montages