Jasmine Punter Photography | Summerhouse BD - 11/5/18
All Ordered Photos will be cropped/straightnened/adjusted as necessary. **PLEASE NOTE** These images are protected by copyright law and must NOT be copied. Low res jpegs are available at just £5 each and these are suitable for Facebook/Instagram use and are not watermarked. Prints are posted 1st class within 1-2 working days. Digital Jpegs are usually emailed within a few hours (please allow 24 hours) Please contact me regarding collages/montages
10 - Lynette Morrison, Akehurst Take A Chance1111 - Olivia Towers, Mercian Calisso1212 - Olivia Towers, Mercian Damons Dancer13 - Kate Vickery, Machin funambule II14 - Rebecca Pearce, Alvescot Waldron Galaxy15 - Melanie Glover, Lakeside Cool Guy16 - Kellie Clare, Gold Rush IV18 - Elizabeth Murdin, SP Fine Design II19 - Chloe Robson, Gorklingtgards san barolo20 - Jonathan Sutton, Keatinge Hugo Boss21 - Jonathan Sutton, Bluewood Tallulah22 - Jane Mcwilliam, Veloseti23 - Susan Chant, Pascal McCoy24 - Jane Morris, Quinet Du Buisson Z25 - Danielle Davy-Moore, Chetak's Justice26 - Mark Forrest, Destino H27 - Jen Smithson, Prescoed Solomon28 - Kirsten Wing, Ravel 32229 - Hayley Howes, San Serentina30 - Sarah Leitch, Any Minute31 - Melanie Phillips, Debutante III32 - Melanie Phillips, Ruxton Showgirl33 - Lotte Seal, Fenix34 - Lotte Seal, Safira35 - Lotte Seal, Danny Dancer36 - Maria Griffin, Cerruti37 - Maria Griffin, Bellisamio38 - Elder Klatzko, Faustino III39 - Laura Wollen, Woodcroft Francisco40 - Olivia Sealy, KL Mac41 - Amy Cobbett, Shadowman42 - Roseanne Fitzgerald, Catherston Sancy43 - Natasha Pimlott, CS Lelisha44 - Natasha Pimlott, Forever spirit of Versace45 - Alice Peternell, Horizon46 - Alice Peternell, Istrade Thonga47 - Alice Peternell, Cynheidrefawr Creme de la Creme49 - Dean Skeates, Hawtins Rossana50 - Dean Skeates, Super Blue51 - Michael Whippey, Rivameyer Blue52 - Sara Squires53 - Sue Raby-Smith, Ferndale Shannon54 - Helena Charlesworth, hennerwood discovery55 - Helena Charlesworth, jukebox jury57 - Andrew Bradley, DJ Attitude58 - Nicola Mahone, Diablo VIII59 - Nicola Mahoney, Dream of joy60 - Helen James, Hillgrove Rockwell61 - Jaz Armistead, Uniforme62 - Davina Oatley, Heavenly Blue63 - Jocelyn Hill, FOXGLOVE UCS64 - Melissa Gerrard, cloherview roisin65 - Samantha Lambie, Delanda Flash66 - Maria Stephens, Lacoste67 - Liz Whitehead, Raven Royale68 - Kikka Suomio, Quendrim69 - Rachael griffiths, sir Wendo