Event Photography

We are now well into our 7th season as event photographers and over this time, we have built up an established team with top of the range equipment and vast experience across all equestrian disciplines.  Our philosophy is to provide a high quality product with outstanding customer service, at competitive prices. With a passion for horses and as riders ourselves, I feel we offer the photographs riders like to see. We specialise in equine event photography and have covered a range of equine events including Stallion Gradings, British Dressage, British Showjumping (Junior & Senior), BSPS, CHAPS, Pony Club, Riding Club, Schools and unaffiliated competitions, as well as BD/BYRDS and Pony Club Camps. We cover events predominately across the South West, but often further afield too. 

- Fully insured

- On site service with multiple viewing screens. Eventing & Dressage images filed into Rider/Number galleries

- Print on the day using the latest dye sub printing technology. We print 9x6 and 12x8 on-site and these are provided in black/silver mounts for a classic photo finish

- Event photos are also uploaded online, for those who'd rather order online from the comfort of their own home

- Where possible and Wifi depending, we upload images online throughout the day and email out Digital orders immediately. If this isn't possible, we aim to do it that same evening

- Full range of Products include Gloss Prints, Montages, Collages, Canvas prints and Digital Files, all available to order online or on-site 

If you would like to book us for your event, please get in touch via the Contact form or email; [email protected]

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