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10 Susannah Hibbard, Linwood Dancing Queen11 Iona Stokes Stokes, Bubbles lll12 Chloe Dawes, Femma Lijbra14 Mallika Shankar, Citho15 Carol Soormally, Ekaro16 Katie Palmer, Headmore Braithwaite17 Jennifer Huber, Duchesse du Pre18 Cora Kwiatkowski, Cool Customer III19 Katie Withers, Grevaldi21 Victoria Bailey, Brookeborough Queen Elizabeth22 Hayley Howes, San Serentina23 Natalie Pierce, Furst Wunschen24 Liz Harding, Movie Maker25 Nicola Payne, Zorro III26 Wendy Fielden, cappuccino27 Rebecca Bell, Lochwood28 Annabel Longhurst, Cavort29 Nikki Clarke, Belicia Arion30 Heather Cumming, Asbo31 Angela Hodges, Amaai32 Levi Hunt, Baleno32 Lisa Russell, Baleno33 Katy Lockyer, My Artful Dodger35 Christine Clark, Croesnant Caradog36 Liz Whitehead, Raven Royale37 melissa pollett, oakport templer38 Rowena Baker, Lenrow Cocoa39 Julie Jeffes, Hederfeld Smokey Joe40 Ruth Gladman, Dakota spring41 Sam Rahmatalla, Hawtins Falerno42 Jen Smithson, Prescoed Solomon44 Gemma Todd, Hilldown Parsley45 Lara Butler, Rubin Al Asad46  Sarah Rogers, Bode Miller47 Sarah Rogers, Viva Lotta49 Clair Reed, First Svenamo Star50 Claire Graves, DeNoblis51 Adrian Baker, GDH skyfall52 Maria Griffin, fully loaded aimbry53 Helena Charlesworth, hennerwood discovery54 Claire Kincaid, Sahara55 Sara Richards, Cosmic Carnaval56 Jacqueline Armitage, Denmoor Roxborough57 Beth Miller, Hawtins sirica58 Beth Miller, Koning5961 Elder Klatzko, Faustino62 Elder Klatzko, woodlander Little Richard63 Jane Gilby, Ambassador64 Jane Morris, Really Relevant65 Alison Payne, Rarumba101102103