All images are categorised by day then rider numbers for each day in ascending order. Please see 'Presentations' folder for separate prize givings.
All Ordered Photos will be cropped/straightnened/adjusted as necessary. **PLEASE NOTE** These images are protected by copyright law and must NOT be copied. Low res jpegs are available at just £5 each and these are suitable for Facebook/Instagram use and are not watermarked. Prints are posted 1st class within 1-2 working days. Digital Jpegs are usually emailed within a few hours (please allow 24 hours) Please contact me regarding collages/montages
109 Lottie Flinn, Korenbloem Royal Rebel115 Cazzy Derby, Frenderups De Nice116 Cazzy Derby, Val Rubilah123 Hannah Grummett, Quivantos127 Joanna McIntosh Sim, Don Pasco129 Maisie Scruton, Ardino133 Rebecca Maybutt, Hey Mambo139 Chloe Vell, Gredstedgards Stuntman160 Emma Latham-Hill, Zingaro HD162 Zara Barton Woods, Wizzard Z.R.B163 Sarah Kingwells, The Contact People Destiny D167 Lisa Garland, Don Pfeffernuss176 Gemma Dullek, Ulaan179 Sarah Hall, Avatar CB186 Ryan Todd, Woodcroft Dancing Queen223 Simone Hession, Beezies Big Brother243 Jess Griffiths, DHI Bliterslady269 Thomas O'Brien, Tito Stejlshoe287 David Lannon, Raimillies314 Samantha Brown, Holmegards Bastian318 Pamela Branch, Zandro379 Lindsay Middleton, Your Bard380 Casey Strickland, Debertina381 Alex Hua Tian, Don Geniro382 Sarah Higgins, Davidoff