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10 Hannah Merrett, Calcourt Quirino11 Hannah Merrett, miley13 Olivia Towers, Mercian Calisso14 Georgina Tapner, Bugatti II15 Fiona Godfrey, evening primrose17 Yasmin Dadkhah, Nik Nak18 Lizzi Sharples, Danielo19 Ruth Caiger, Ballyleigh Playboy20 Katie Palmer, Headmore Braithwaite21 Sharon Butterworth, Elegance22 Katie Stewart, Woodlander Del Cielo23 Gill Lawry, Sionna's Girl24 Melanie Marling, KountvonKutie25 Storm Straker, Versace II26 Rowena Baker, Penpont Chantilly27 Hayley Howes, San Serentina28 Vivian Chang, Special Star29 Tam Thornton, Chess Master30 Sophie Cox, Empire Of The Sun32 Casey Stickland, Seigneur II33 Heather Cumming, Capote H C B34 Victoria Bailey, Brookeborough Queen Elizabeth35 Janet Stares, Caminito36 Jocelyn Hill, FOXGLOVE UCS37 Ellie Targett, Ranazotti38 Kellie Clare, Gold Rush IV40 Nicola Payne, Zorro III42 Claire Kincaid, Sahara43 Vittoria Panizzon, One Night Love44 Vittoria Panizzon, Super Cillious45 Vittoria Panizzon, Borough Pennyz46 Davy Harvey, MFS Cayden HH49 Davina Oatley, Heavenly Blue50 Maria Griffin, DJ51 Jayne Smart, Bobby's Alright52 Bryony Goodwin, Hawtins Fiorino5354 Melanie Phillips, Debutante III56 Kate De La Hey, Embezzled Law57 Sara Wilson, Snack a Jack58 Nicola Mahoney, Dream of joy59 Emma Braben, Sir Twixalot60 Katie Bailey, Eagle Nouvelle61 Jen Smithson, Prescoed Solomon62 Sarah Cheetham, Stoiber's Black Pearl63 Debbie Stibbe, Denford surprise64 Lynette Taylor, Garvie Bay65 Lesley Dulson, Davis66 Sarah Witchell, SPOT ON VIII67 Elder Klatzko, Rohan68 Elder Klatzko, woodlander Little Richard69 Jane Morris, Really Relevant70 Colina Pickles, Baluchis71 Colina Pickles, Tangaluna72 Jenna Thomas, Merlin's Magick73 Elizabeth Hibbard, Stanhopes Jakthelad74 Alice Peternell, Fan-Set75 Alice Peternell, Plutonium76 Helen Vitale, Dresscode Cocktail